What is Merotender.com?

Merotender.com is an online portal where you can see all the bid notice at one place that’s been kept on well managed manner. Bid notice related to construction, suppliers/ manufacturers and consultancy service are included. Be it government or non- government procurement works, all the bid notice issued/ published on newspaper will be now shown on your window screen on a systematic way. Now, flipping a newspaper every day is no longer a problem. Your day to day schedule of fetching newspaper and spending money on it will reduce which also saves both your time and money. All you need to do is sign up for the service.

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How does it work?

As we know that, bid notice are published on daily basis our main source for retrieving data and information is newspapers (national daily, local newspaper etc.). It’s a difficult task for a company/organization/firm to go through all the newspaper everyday. Therefore, to make this thing easy, we collect more than 20+ newspaper including national daily, local papers, etc. everyday. Now what left is how we process or do our work? For that, we first retrieve all the data and information from the newspaper. We analyze all the information and sort it in a specific way on table layout, so that our user can understand it good. Not to forget, we do attach the image file (.pdf format) on the side door of the respective information. Image files are scan copy of newspaper. After the completion of data entry process, we sent it via emails to the respective user. Not only that the user can also login to our website and get access to all information.

Note: Only the paid users can access through all the information. New users can only see few of them as a trial. We have also different price rate as per our service.

  1. Standard version (sent via emails)
  2. Pro version (login on website)

The price rate for both the version is different. Please see the price rate on our Tariff page.

What are the beneficial points?

  1. Saves both time and money (no need to hassle for fetching newspaper and going through it)
  2. Features like filtering or you can bookmark the bid notice you want to see later, which will be recorded on the menu label.(note: bookmark feature is only for pro version users.)
  3. Easy downloads.
  4. Get notification/ alert message on the expiry date of bid notice, renew service and others.
  5. Easy access.
  6. All the data information is secured well.